Luxury Property on Private Peninsula Narooma NSW South Coast For Sale

aerial photograph of Hobbs Point on Wagonga Inlet Narooma NSW South Coast

aerial photograph of Hobbs Point on Wagonga Inlet Narooma

Hi, thought you might be interested to know that we are finally calling it a day and leaving Hobbs Point. Living here has been the greatest experience of our 54 years together. Regretfully, we have had to admit that we are getting a bit long in the tooth to continue running a guest cottage, publishing books and looking after Hobbs Point; so we are selling the property and moving to somewhere a little less demanding.

If you are interested in buying Hobbs Point, or know someone else who might be interested, all the details are on the new website Private Peninsula For Sale

Or, if you want to have one last experience of this magical place, we are keeping Hobbs Point Cottage open until we sell.

Kindest regards Brian and Heide Smith

Tel 0244761171

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1 comment on “Sale of Hobbs Point”

  1. Pradillon Reply

    My experience in Hobbs Point was one of my greatest in Australia, and it was the begginning of a wonderful journey for me : from practicing yoga towards the sunrise to becoming a doula and have my own child!

    Such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to share a moment of gardening with you both and a beautiful cake with wipped cream and your stories.

    It must be with a heavy heart that you’ll be leaving the place, but surely you gave it good shot of love and care.

    Dearly from France now, Cécile

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