analogue photographs of Europe 1955 – 1994 by heide smith


about Analogue Photographs of Europe: As I said in the introduction to Vintage Photographs, up until 2000 I shot everything with my analogue cameras,and printed everything in my analogue darkroom. Which left me with lots of old analogue prints,most of which are now called Vintage Prints or Vintage Photographs. The prints in this gallery are not strictly speaking, Vintage Prints. They were shot with an analogue camera, and printed , if black and white on silver gelatin fibre base or resin coated paper, or if printed in colour, as C type or cibachrome prints. But, they were printed more than two years after they were taken,so these analogue prints, some printed up to 35 years ago, are still highly valued, but not as highly valued as vintage prints.
about the images: The provenance of each original print is displayed, including details of the type of print, when the photograph was taken and printed, and the image and print size. Unless stated otherwise, all the prints are in excellent condition.
To purchase an image: contact us on the form at the bottom of each page, including the collection and image title and ID number, or phone 0244761171.
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