photographs of Tiwi art and artists by heide smith


about photographs of tiwi art and artists: Art is part of the way of life for the Tiwi and indeed for much of Aboriginal Australia. It has been reported that one in every seven Aboriginal adults in the Northern Territory is a productive artist. Tiwi artist’s can be seen in Australia’s National Gallery, in many of the State Galleries, indeed in major art galleries around the world. Because of the isolation of the Tiwi, Tiwi art is distinctly different, even from their neighbours in Arnhem Land. Tiwi carvers still carry on the traditions of their ancestors, making their unique Pukumani Poles, while weavers produce bark baskets called Tungas, which are also unique to the Tiwi. There are art galleries and workshops on both islands, and portraits of many Tiwi artists can be seen in this gallery.
Prices of my open edition images. Photographs are digitally printed on demand on A4 archival paper, showing the title, the date the image was photographed, and are signed by Heide. The image size will vary.The price, including free postage and GST in Australia, is $95. Contact me for overseas postage, Larger sizes are available - prices will be individually quoted.
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