portraits of the Tiwi


about Tiwi portraits: Traditional Pukumani law prohibits the mention of the name of a deceased person for a considerable period, sometimes as long as twelve months. The same taboo applies to images of a deceased person. If this law had been applied to my photographs, I would not have been able to publish “Tiwi”, or "Portrait of a People". The Tiwi Land Council agreed to drop this restriction to enable me to publish, nevertheless I always asked my sitters for permission to take their portrait. A few people declined to be photographed and that is their right. I have sent pictures to many Tiwi to keep, and I believe they are proud to have them. There are many more Tiwi portraits in "Portrait of a People", which is still available in my bookshop, and nearly a hundred more in my Indigenous Australians Limited Edition Gallery. For more information on The Tiwi and Prices: seeThe Tiwi Collection 

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For more information on The Tiwi and Prices: see The Tiwi Collection