Portrait of a People – the Tiwi of northern Australia


Portrait of a People is first and foremost a book of photographs taken by Heide of the Tiwi and of Tiwi life over a 20 year period,but it is more than just a picture book, in that it also relates the history, and describes the lifestyle, culture and art of the Tiwi. From her first visit to the islands, Heide developed a unique relationship with the Tiwi,  largely through her close friendship with an older, highly respected Tiwi woman; she is now regarded as Gerardines sister. Heide maintained a diary of her experiences with the Tiwi, and some of the stories of her adventures have been included. “It’s the portraits that stay with you. Even when her subjects are naked, they are clothed in dignity. Even when they pose ….they are simply themselves.” Elizabeth Keenan Time Magazine. Photography: Heide Smith – Text and Design: Brian Smith Size: 255mm x 300mm – Pages: 224 Images:  over 270 photographs and over 200 thumbnails.

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