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Mary Dechantel Timaepetua 1988


Children are meant to smile and be happy!  Aren’t they? Mary Dechantel Timaepetua was not unhappy. She was simply being herself. The smiles come either readily from the very young, or you know it is meant to be a pleasing gesture.

I loved being in the company of these children asking me; “Why do you have yellow hair?”  and,  “Where are you from?” or,  “Can I look ?” - meaning, into the camera. Now and then a growling “cheeky” dog came along, to protect the kids. The dogs could be nasty, but only to me, the stranger.

I will talk more about dogs another time.


boy on bike 1988

snakebay kids 1994

samuela's hat 1988


To see or not to see. That is the question.

Content Censorship is now a way of life for bloggers posting on Social Media. Unfortunately, the technology cannot differentiate between photographs of an ancient people practicing their culture and pornography. Fortunately, my website containing The Tiwi Collection does not appear to offend anyone. So if you would like to see ALL of my Tiwi photographs, have a look at my website 


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2 comments on “Tiwi Collection – Village kids”

  1. Jac Reply

    I have a card which I purchased many years ago and just couldn’t part with it. It’s by you and called “friends” and sits proudly in my bookcase. I’ve only just googled and found you and I wanted to say how grateful I am that you are capturing these moments of emotion. From memory you also had one with a baby wombat from the same time. Anyhow just wanted to tell you how much I Love your work Heide.

  2. Heide Smith Reply

    Hi Jac, I am proud to be on your bookcase. Village Kids is the most recent blog from the Tiwi Collection, and there are more to come.
    There are still a few signed copies left of my 2nd Tiwi Book, which are available on my website, and which is an inexpensive way to see The Tiwi Collection. Thank you again for your lovely email – Heide

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