A Photographers Tale – part 2

A Photographers Tale – part two. In 1963, the year I left Germany with husband Brian, Fotokina exhibited the work of 14 young photographers, which included me.” The shot below is from a newspaper report of my contribution to the Fotokina exhibition; “Prize Winner at Fotokina …….”

A display of Heide smiths photographs in an Exhibition of 14 young German Photographers at Fotokina in 1963
Exhibition of 14 young German Photographers at Fotokina in 1963 – Heide Smith’s panel
This is a translation of a newspaper report “Prize bearer at Fotokina 1963

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about heide

about heide  backgroundHeide Soltsien was born in Germany, where her father was a graphic artist and designer. After an apprenticeship in photography which culminated in a diploma, Heide studied advertising, gaining a second diploma. After a spell as an industrial photographer, Heide worked as a photojournalist for four years until her marriage in 1963, travelling to […]

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heide smith

 the photographs of heide smith  vintage photographsThe remaining original prints from the analogue period of my career, some are 60 years old go to gallerylimited edition printsImages I consider to be my best work, signed & digitally printed. Limited editions of 25 prints go to galleryspecial editionsCan be prints,folios, or sets, in fact they can […]

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