Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

On Tuesday evening at the Australian Professional Photography Awards Dinner in Sydney, I became a Fellow of the AIPP. I knew that I was to receive some sort of honour, and I had therefore prepared an acceptance speech. However, I was absolutely blown away to receive such a prestigious award, totally forgot what I had planned to say, and, for one of the few times in my life, I was speechless!  I remember saying thank you, but not much else.

What I had wanted to say, was that it was the AIPP that should be rewarded for all the wonderful things that it has done for me. When I joined the Institute of Australian Photographers (IAP) in 1971, I was an experienced photographer, but I knew very little about how to survive and succeed, as a working professional in Australia. I learnt most of that from the AIPP.

 I  met and formed lasting friendships with many wonderful photographers; most of whom I met at AIPP seminars, workshops and conventions. And, the AIPP has fought to protect my rights in such vital areas as copyright. So to the AIPP, thank you for my award, and thank you for all you have done for me.

I also forgot to thank my husband of 56 years, Brian, for being so very supportive. After all, he was and is my business manager, writer, publisher, webmaster, financial advisor and PR manager, and best mate.

Heide Smith

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4 comments on “Fellow – AIPP”

  1. Len Phillips Reply

    Congrats Girl … well earnt and hey that guy possibly gives a little loving too to add to that big list of things he does … This getting older is a bugger but one day at a time is the go . Keep on clicking ….:)

  2. Nerida Taylor Reply

    Indeed an honour
    Congratulations! We are chuffed on your behalf”.
    Regards from Nerida and Vic

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