vintage autographed portraits of Canberra Raiders 1991

set of seven prints

Launched at the Press Club in 1992, this was a fund raising venture for the beleaguered local Rugby
League Club. The Canberra Times reported; “it’s a supporters dream and a parent’s nightmare – a
scantily clad Raider in every room… ” The vintage prints in this gallery are particularly special because
each has been signed by the player.

about the prints

Details of each original print are displayed with each image, but to summarize;
there are 7  silver gelatin fibre base prints, mounted on card, 30 x 30 cm on 40 x 50 cm,
photographed and printed in 1991, and each is autographed by the player.
To purchase the set; contact us on the form at the bottom of each page, or phone 0244761171.