Sister Anne Gardiner- Senior Australian of the Year 2017

April the 12th 2016 was the last time I set foot on Bathurst Island NT. The short flight from Darwin is always a delight for the eyes for the scenery below and when we land it is like coming home.
July the 30th 1987 was the very first time I flew to the Islands and that was when I met Sister Anne Gardiner. She has been a friend, host and companion all through the years, whenever I stayed on the Tiwi Isles. The Tiwi knew that they could trust Anne, so her advice was 'Gospel'. She does not beat around the bush either and she calls a spade a spade. It is this honesty and straight-forwardness the people admired. It was the foundation of this very long lasting relationship between Sister Anne Gardiner - Senior Australian of the year 2017- and the people of the Tiwi Isles. It was the Tiwi Land Council, Sister Tess Ward and Sister Anne Gardiner along with the Tiwi who made my books and exhibitions a reality. So here then are some photographs of Sister Anne Gardiner AM FDNSC which I took over the years.
If you would to read more about the Tiwi , or see more images of my friends the Tiwi, have a look at The Tiwi Collection

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